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Why I am proud to be a lawyer.

My office had the privilege of helping a “Child of the Dust” (a child of a Vietnamese mother and an absentee American serviceman father) last month. Here is a letter about the case from the director of the Florence Immigrant & Refugee Rights Project Hi Everyone, I’m writing to share with all of you an incredibly moving LPR Cancellation victory yesterday. We decided to seek pro bono support for Mr. Sanh on his LPR Cancellation case when we realized that pro se he would have almost no chance of success given his history of substance abuse and lack of family support. Making things even harder, Mr. Sanh speaks Vietnamese and we were struggling to provide adequate support. When I posted a request for Vietnamese interpreters to our AILA listserv, Cliff not only had contact with Nancy, a fabulous interpreter eager to help Mr. Sanh, but also offered to take on…
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Arizona Forefeiture Update

Although the practice has been controversial for years, state and local law enforcement agencies are continuing to use the forfeiture statutes to seize property from citizens, even though (or especially when) those agencies are unable to establish the elements of a criminal case against those citizens. In some cases, the use of the forfeiture statues can amount to an abuse of power. There is lots of excellent information on this issue at the website of Americans for Forfeiture Reform: If a government agency intends to seize property, there are legal requirements that they provide notice to the owner of that property. If you receive such a notice, you have a limited amount of time in which to assert your claim to the property, or you could lose it forever. You should contact an attorney as soon as possible if there is a possibility that the state may attempt to…
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Cliff’s Blog

Welcome to Cliff’s blog.  Please check back frequently for discussions of legal issues, and information regarding your legal rights.  In the next few days, I will post a discussion of Arizona’s civil forfeiture laws, how they are used and misused by law enforcement agencies, and how this could affect you and your property.  Thanks for stopping by!